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I consider myself a visual storyteller, calling on my imagination to make sense of the world through color and composition.  There was never a time when I was not busy making or creating things.  I’ve been a professional make-up artist, shoe designer, theatre costumer as well as a lifelong painter.

My abstract work is based on random memories, feelings of joy, and often deep-seated longings.  The atmospheric nature of my work can be read as an Asian sensibility that reflects the delicacy of light and line to create a balance often found in nature. These are deep cultural roots that surface unconsciously. On the other hand growing up and living in large cities of Boston, New York City and San Francisco brings out the hard edges and structures of urban landscapes that are often found in my work. The process of combining color, composition, and mark-making is exhilarating and deeply satisfying. 

The mediums I work with are acrylic, oil, oil with cold wax medium and graphite. Experimentation with these mediums forms my visual language.

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